Veteran owned and operated small town friendly firearm and training store. I decided to do something I love and enjoy and help fight for our rights that are threatened everyday. I promise to always have a clean store and flexible hours for people that work during most shops hours. I will do what I can to help and if I do not know something or cannot get I will help you find it however I can. I also promise to give you the best customer service possible, being in the retail industry and managing multiple stores I pride myself on taking care of customers. While I do not carry a huge stock of firearms, I can get all the same ones the big stores can and give you a fair price while keeping the money in our community and going back into the fight for our 2nd amendment. I proudly support our military, police, and first responders.

I am a member of the NRA, Gun Owners of America, 2nd Amendment Foundation,National Association of Gun Rights Frontline Defender Contributor and NSSF Member. I am an official partner with the USCCA & USCCA CCW and Home Defense Fundamentals Instructor. I Also hold an NRA Pistol Instructor, Range Safety Officer, PPITH Instructor and Maryland HQL & Wear and Carry Permit Instructor certification. I am a huge 2nd Amendment advocate and without it we have no other freedoms. Do not forget to vote, these are serious times and our rights are going away little by little.