This page is all about the 2nd Amendment rally that was held on Nov 2nd 2019 at the US Capitol. There were tons of great speakers and I wanted to upload my videos from the event. Along with that provide some brief information about the speaker and where you can find them. I highly suggest checking some of these folks out on the internet. They have done a ton of wonderful things in a variety of different platforms. Ranging from lawyers, YouTube personalities, to running major gun rights advocacy groups nationwide. The best thing about the rally is that almost every person was represented. Men, women, gay, straight, black, white, asian and anything else in between. We must all put any differences aside and come together to keep fighting for our wonderful God given rights. 

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Anthony Colandro



Anthony Colandro is Executive Vice President of ANJRPC, founder of Gun For Hire Radio (America's most downloaded 2A podcast), and owner of Gun for Hire range and training facility. He is an outspoken 2A activist who sits on 3 NRA committees (Education & Training, Range Development, and Clubs & Associations).

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Cam Edwards


Edwards grew up in a gun-free home in Oklahoma City, Oklahoma. His mother was a Democrat. When he was in his mid-20s, Edwards became a husband and father. Edwards purchased a gun to protect his family. Since that time, he has become an avid Second Amendment advocate.

The former morning drive-time radio DJ hosted “Cam & Co” on NRATV. The three-hour show focused especially on the Second Amendment. Edwards informed his listeners of the latest breaking news and gave his opinions on freedom centric issues.

Edwards is known for his calm and measured delivery of the latest news that affects the gun world. He has interviewed countless politicians, journalist, and members of the U.S. Congress on his national radio show. He brings these same skills to the Bearing Arms website as their latest editor.

“As the new editor of BearingArms.com I want to expose those attempts at delegitimizing our constitutional rights and the Americans who exercise them, but that's only half the battle,” Edwards said in a statement posted to Bearing Arms. “We need to tell the stories of the countless men and women who are fighting to not just keep our rights secure, but to make them stronger than ever.”


Cheryl Todd



Cheryl Todd, a self-described serial entrepreneur, is the owner of AZFirearms.com, Pot Of Gold Estate Auctions, and owner & Co-Host of Gun Freedom Radio.  In addition to her businesses, Cheryl also volunteers her time as a member of the Board of Directors for the Southwest Valley Chamber of Commerce.  Cheryl has 30 years of experience in business and holds a degree in Psychology which allows her to bring a unique voice to Family Business and the Firearms Industry.

A wife of over 30 years, mother, and grandmother, Cheryl speaks to the value of her 2nd Amendment Rights through the lens of self-protection and instilling those values in the generations to come.  Cheryl is a lifetime member of the NRA, the ASRPA, the AZCDL, and supports other organizations such as Refuse To Be A Victim, Child Safe, The Eddie Eagle Program and The Well-Armed Woman. Hosting the weekly Gun Freedom Radio show is an extension of that desire to educate and engage and make gun-related topics and issues accessible and easy to understand by separating the facts from the hype.

Both personally and through their businesses, Cheryl and her husband Danny, support a variety of organizations including the 100 Club of AZ, Soldier’s Best Friend, United Goodyear Firefighters Charities, Avondale Police Association Charities, Shriners Children’s Hospital, AZ DPS Special Olympics, and the Homeless Youth Connection (HYC) to name a few. Cheryl and Danny are service-driven in all that they do, and have been recognized with Community Service Awards for having conducted fundraising efforts for individual local First Responders in need.

Cheryl is a sought after Speaker and Panel-Moderator at both the local and national level. Cheryl has been an invited speaker at the National Gun Rights Policy Conference and the NSSF Industry Summit, the DC Project in our Nation’s Capital, as well as appearing on various local news outlets and C-Span.  Contact Cheryl at Cheryl@GunFreedomRadio.com

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Chris Cheng

Cheng worked for Google Inc. from 2007-2012 in many capacities, primarily in technical support for Google Apps, as well as a product lead in Google.org's Google for Nonprofits Program.[4] Chris served on the GoogleEDU leadership faculty where he trained teams and individuals on interpersonal communication and the fundamentals of leadership. He left Google in June 2012 to pursue his professional marksman contract full-time.

Cheng is an NRA News Commentator where he provides his opinions and commentary on a variety of issues.[5] He also tours Bass Pro Shops across the country interacting with customers; shooting in Multi-GunUSPSAIDPA, and IPSC competitions, and working with the National Rifle Association and National Shooting Sports Foundation on promoting the shooting sport. Cheng is a Lifetime member of the National Rifle Association and is an NRA Certified Pistol, Rifle, and Shotgun Instructor.[6]

Cheng's book "Shoot to Win" reveals how he trained to win Top Shot, as well as how he empowers himself to succeed in life. Cheng is a Staff Writer for The Firearm Blog where he writes about firearms and gear in his post-Top Shot experiences.[7]

Cheng was featured in the Second Amendment documentary Assaulted: Civil Rights Under Fire (2013) alongside Ted Nugent and Ice-T.[8] He was on 13 episodes of Top Shot Season 4, and was a special guest on the premiere and season finale of Top Shot Season 5: All-Stars.[9]

Cheng is an inspirational public speaker, represented by The Harry Walker Agency.[10]

Cheng's website and blog is at TopShotChris.com. His future career plans include running for public office.

Cheng produces a web series called Top Shot Chris Cheng that airs on CarbonTV.[11]

Cheng is on the Board of Directors for the San Francisco Opera BRAVO! Club.[12] He is also a volunteer baritone singer for the San Francisco Symphony Chorus.[13] He played double bass from ages 13–22 in both orchestras and jazz bands.

He is a co-founder of Home for a Home, a nonprofit organization which collects donations from real estate brokers to build homes for those in need.[14]

In December 2013 Cheng publicly came out as gay on his official blog. He did so in the hopes of breaking down stereotypes both about gay people and gun enthusiasts

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Dick Heller


Dick is a nationally known 2nd Amendment advocate and a proud citizen of the United States of America. Heller’s most recent gun case is entitled Heller II v. DC, a follow-up to the victorious Heller v. DC case of 2008 that overturned the 1976 DC Gun Ban and opened the door for 150 new gun cases nationwide in the first year after the Supreme Court decision.

Heller became interested in 2nd Amendment Liberties when his house was shot up – once through his living room window and once in the front door – in the 1970’s at his residence on Capitol Hill.  He realized that the 1976 DC Gun Ban was disarming good citizens yet criminals were still bearing arms. Heller did not find the situation to be moral, safe, or constitutional and realized that  – –

“Doing nothing was no longer an option !”

Heller advocated for gun-rights as a citizen and as DC Armed Special Police Officer.  Ironically,  when Heller v. DC was filed – formerly known as Parker vs. DC – he was working at the Supreme Court Annex – Thurgood Marshall Federal Judicial Center.

In addition to his commitment to 2nd Amendment Freedoms, Heller is actively involved in the DC Community. In 1984, he founded the “Children’s Birthright Trust Fund” – a charity that supports and raises funds for youth projects, such as computer access – and has taught classes on entrepreneurship in both DC public schools and DC housing projects. He has also served as the Treasurer of The DC Libertarian Party from 2004 until 2011 and was actively involved with Dr. Ron Paul’s two Presidential Bids – Libertarian and Republican.

Before his time as a 2nd Amendment proponent, he worked his way through Montgomery College in Silver Spring, MD (earning an AA in Engineering) and completed one year of MBA studies in London’s Kingston Polytech. His previous jobs consisted of: Bank Teller, Data Technician at NASA-Greenbelt, IT Consultant for TYMnet, and Investment Banker.

Prior to attending Montgomery College, Heller served in the Army. He was a Paratrooper in the 101st Airborne division and also a Sky Diver at Fort Campbell, KY. Heller’s childhood, growing up in a Navy and then an Army family, consisted of frequent travels across the U.S. and abroad prior to his graduation from Manteca High School in Manteca, California. Heller has four brothers and was born in San Diego, CA

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Erich Pratt


Erich Pratt is the Senior Vice President for Gun Owners of America, where he has been employed since 1990.  GOA is a national grassroots organization representing more than 1.5 million Americans dedicated to promoting their Second Amendment freedom to keep and bear arms.

GOA lobbies for the pro-gun position in Washington, DC and is involved in firearm issues in the states.  GOA’s work includes providing legal assistance to those involved in lawsuits with the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives, the federal firearms law enforcement agency.

Pratt has appeared on numerous national radio and TV programs such as NBC’s Today Show, MSNBC, CNN, CBS and Fox Cable News.  His columns have appeared in newspapers across the country, including USA Today.

In addition to authoring a book, Bearing Arms: Our Rights, Our Duties & Our Freedoms, he is the author of a civil government textbook, The Constitutional Recipe for Freedom.

Pratt has been involved with youth for over two decades, teaching civil government to high school students, serving as a Merit Badge Counselor in the Boy Scouts and coaching Little League baseball teams.

Mr. Pratt and his wife, Stacy, have eleven children.


Gabby Franco



*Olympian* *Army Wife* *Mother* *Firearms Instructor* * Competitive Shooter*

Gabby Franco was the first female shooter to represent Venezuela in the Olympics. As an accomplished author, speaker, competitive shooter, and instructor, she is recognized worldwide for her shooting skills and advocacy for the right to own and bear arms. Gabby’s 25 years of experience in Olympic, self-defense, and practical shooting have served as a platform to educate and empower thousands of people through live and virtual training across the United States and Puerto Rico. For over eighteen years, Gabby has shown her commitment to promoting the shooting sports by not only participating and winning medals in various competitions, but also sending a message of dedication, sportsmanship, and positive attitude.

In 2012 Gabby made her first public appearance as a contender in the History Channel’s show TOP SHOT (Season 4) where she became the only woman to ever progress to the final stage of the competition. Following her success from Season 4, Gabby was the single woman to participate in the “All-Star season” of TOP SHOT. In 2013, she published her first book titled Troubleshooting: Mastering Your Pistol Marksmanship, selling over 4,000 copies worldwide in both English and Spanish.

Gabby Franco represented Remington Outdoors Company from 2014 through 2017 as a competitive shooter in the disciplines of Limited (USPSA) and Tactical OPS (3-Gun), as well as special events at trade shows.

Volunteering is important to Gabby. She has volunteered her time to train the wives of the Special Forces Community with the Special Forces Charitable Trust. Gabby has served as a coach for disabled veterans at the TOP SHOT Hero competitions hosted by Black Dagger Military Hunt Club. She has also trained several wounded veterans with the Epic Warriors Organization. Spoke to the Marines at the MCAS Yuma Range and taught a class about precision shooting. Gabby participated as an instructor at multiple A Girl & A Gun and The Well Armed Woman conferences. Gabby has donated portions of her revenue to sponsor Junior shooting teams such as Yuma Young Guns (Arizona) and Oakmont Vikings Trap Club (California). Also, after the 2017 Hurricane Harvey, Gabby worked as a volunteer at the Houston Emergency Aid Coalition and donated 100% percent of the proceedings of her seminar for the Hurricane relief fund.

Currently, Gabby is sponsored by Walther Arms, and the National Shooting Sports Foundation (NSSF) as a competitive shooter. She is also a member of the 2019-2020 NRA Sports Shooting and the NSSF Inclusion and Outreach committee.


Hickock 45 / Greg Kinman

Hickok45 is a YouTube channel, also appearing on Full 30, featuring videos about firearms. The videos are hosted by Greg Kinman, a retired middle-school English teacher and former sheriffs auxiliary officer with a tour of ten years residing in Tennessee. Hickok45, LLC is also a registered trademark owned by Kinman


Jeff Knox

Jeff Knox is a second-generation political activist and director of The Firearms Coalition. His father Neal Knox led many of the early gun rights battles for your right to keep and bear arms. Read Neal Knox – The Gun Rights War.

The Firearms Coalition is a loose-knit coalition of individual Second Amendment activists, clubs and civil rights organizations. Founded by Neal Knox in 1984, the organization provides support to grassroots activists in the form of education, analysis of current issues, and with a historical perspective of the gun rights movement. The Firearms Coalition has offices in Buckeye, Arizona and Manassas, VA. Visit: www.FirearmsCoalition.org.

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John Patton


Youtube influencer / content creator

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Joshua Prince


Joshua Prince was born and raised in Berks County, PA, and is the fourth generation of Princes practicing in the local area; the son of Warren H. Prince, grandson of Harold H. Prince, and great-grandson of Joseph L. Prince. Joshua graduated from The Hill School in 2000 and McGill University in 2005 with a double major in Political Science and World Religions. He then went on to attend Widener Law School, where he was a member of the Widener Law Journal, and in 2009 graduated with honors, Cum Laude.

Joshua is very Rights oriented and as such, has focused his practice on Firearms Law and has become the Chief Counsel of the Firearms Industry Consulting Group® (FICG®), a division of Civil Rights Defense Firm, P.C., where he has represented more than 2000 individuals, 300 Federal Firearms Licensees (FFLs) and several dozen gun clubs/ranges on various state and federal issues. He is an avid firearms collector and target shooter, who owns numerous Title II (NFA) firearms, as well as, Title I firearms. More importantly, he understands the need for a dedicated firearms lawyer who will ensure that the State and Federal Right to Keep and Bear Arms will not be infringed. Joshua has taught numerous Continuing Legal Education (CLE) seminars on Firearms Law for the Pennsylvania Bar Institute, local bar associations and even the National Rifle Association (NRA). He also frequently posts videos on FICG’s® YouTube Channels – FICG Federal and FICG Pennsylvania – advising individuals, FFLs, and gun clubs/ranges of important firearms law related issues.

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Kevin Dixie



Kevin Dixie is the owner-operator of No Other Choice Firearms Training (NOC) and the Founder of Aiming For The Truth, a 6-spoked approach to healing broken families and strengthening the community bonds of neighbors, to improve the lives of people in the cities and states of our nation

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Maj Toure



Maj Toure is an American political activist and rapper.

A native of Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, Toure founded the educational nonprofit organization Black Guns Matter in 2016.[1][2] The organization advocates for the right to keep and bear arms, and promotes responsible ownership of firearms within African-American and urban communities.[2][3][4][5][6] Formerly a member of the National Rifle Association (NRA), Toure confirmed in 2019 that he was no longer a part of that organization because he believed the NRA's efforts in urban American communities were inadequate.[7]

He has released three rap/hip hop recordings: Solutionary Vol. 1 (2005), Solutionary Vol. 2 (2014), and Solutionary Vol. 3 (2016).[8][9]

Toure is a candidate for an at-large seat in the Philadelphia City Council in the city's 2019 election. He is running as a Libertarian.[10] In addition to his support for Second Amendment rights, his stated political priorities include: criminal justice reform; ending the practice of solitary confinementlegalization of cannabis: improved education in Philadelphia; and conflict resolution training for disconnected youths.

matt larosiere.jpg

Matt Larosiere

Director of Legal Policy at Firearms Policy Coalition


Mike Sodini

Walk the talk America.org

Michael Sodini is a 3rd generation firearm industry professional, and known by many as the “most un-gun, gun guy.”

After graduating from ASU in 1998 with a degree in communication, Michael spent a few years working as a fashion model, traveling the world, and garnering respect from some of the leading names within the niche. He left the fashion industry in 2001, and went into real estate marketing for five years, before he went on to work for the family business, Eagle Imports Inc., in 2006.

After a series of unforeseen tragedies from 2006 – 2009, Michael eventually became President of Eagle. Over the last 9 years, he has successfully cultivated and evolved the Bersa, Metro Arms, and Grand Power firearm brands. The latest brand to be added to the Eagle family, Avidity Arms, is a partner-project with Rob Pincus, and is currently in the early stages of development before production.

In 2018, Michael formed the Walk the Talk America initiative, a non-profit organization dedicated to making positive change in relationship to mental health, and firearm awareness. Through organizing a profound team of experts from different fields, and all walks of life, unbiased by politics, media, or personal prejudice – WTTA seeks to input opportunities to enhance communication, compassion, calls to action and education.

Michael is a visionary thinker, known for his loyalty, and unique sense of humor to his industry colleagues (and friends). More than anything, he is dedicated to creating conversations that will help pave the way for a brighter future, allowing synergy through new ideas, and action through the power of awareness.

rob pincus web.jpg

Rob Pincus



Rob Pincus is a professional trainer, author and consultant. He and his staff at I.C.E. Training Company provide services to military, law enforcement, private security and students interested in self-defense. Rob is the Developer of the Combat Focus® Shooting program, the most efficient defensive firearms training methodology available today.

Rob provides efficient training methodologies to those interested in developing firearms, tactical operations and defensive skills. These methods stress gaining maximum value from limited training resources and working well with what the body does naturally under real world conditions.

Rob has experience as a law enforcement officer and executive protection agent and was also commissioned as an officer in the United States Army Reserve after graduating from the Military College of Vermont with a degree in Political Science. Rob serves the San Miguel County Sheriff’s Office as a Training Officer and has been a staff writer with S.W.A.T. Magazine since 2001.

From 2003 through 2007, Rob was the Director of The Valhalla Training Center in Montrose, Colorado. Rob developed the training doctrines and programs that brought Valhalla to the attention of the entire shooting industry as a leading source of reality based firearms training. During this time, Valhalla was identified by the Rand Corporation as a leader in private sector reality based training and as a sole source provider to 10th Group Army Special Forces for Extreme Close Quarters Counter Ambush training. Rob was awarded the Range of the Year
award by the National Association of Shooting Ranges for 2007.