I apologize for the delay in my blogs, this time of year has been crazy for a multitude of reasons. Hunting season, everyone getting sick at my house (myself included), and trying to help spread the word about what is going on in Virginia. Which leads me to what we will be discussing in this weeks blog. This blog will feature, Sanctuary movement in VA, a review on an amazing book called “One Second After, continuing your training after your permit course, and the new S &W M and P EZ 9mm ( I did my blog review about the 380 version last time and now they introduced the 9mm).


If you did not read my last blog I will give a quick refresher of what 2A Sanctuary counties are. Essentially what is happening is counties / cities are passing resolutions that state they will not use funds and will not enforce any unconstitutional gun control laws. The movement has happened in many other states but what is amazing in VA is that within a month more than half the state has passed resolutions and many more have dates to vote on resolutions. As of the time I am writing this there are over 40 counties with resolutions. This is all in response to the election results which (and this is not me talking politics or stating which side I agree with etc but just the reality) the House,Senate and Governor all are anti-gun for the first time in 20+ years. There has not been an anti-gun law passed in VA for over 25 years and already multiple gun bans, magazine limits, buy backs  among many others are being introduced and expect to all pass once the legislation meets. This movement will hopefully show the politicians that while they may have won the election, the people do not want gun control passed and we will make a stand. Special shout out to the Sheriff in Culpeper county who said he will Deputize everyone who passes a background check so that they can keep their firearms. That Sheriff is Scott Jenkins of Culpeper county, special shout out to you for upholding your oath. If your county has not already passed a resolution you can find more information at Virginia Citizens Defense League. They are gathering information and spreading to it us as fast as they get it. Even if you do not live in VA this is very important to keep an eye on what has happened there. The democrats are using VA as a blue print for other states to flip seats and bring gun control laws to your state.


Second topic is continuing your training after you receive your permit. I know for a lot of people they take the basic pistol course, get the permit and then that is it. For a lot of people that is where they stop training. As a firearms instructor I get it that you may not be able to make every course, or be able to afford multiple training classes but here are some reasons why you should do some sort of training. #1 Reason is, shooting is a perishable skill and you have to continue to train to stay sharp. #2 Having more training could potentially help you in court. If you are involved in a self defense situation and you shoot someone having formal training can be used in your defense. #3 There are tons of scenarios you may not be aware of or have any knowledge of that can save your life. The basic courses do not cover drawing from holsters, moving and shooting, concealment and cover, shooting with off hand (a very high percentage of self defense scenarios where you are getting shot at involve getting shot in the hand and if you cannot fight back using your off hand your firearm could be rendered useless), reloading using your spare magazine (if you carry I recommend an extra mag), among many other things. I recommend at least hitting the range and shooting once a month, even if it is just stationary targets. Practice being able to hit your target consistently at 10-15 yards (if you can do that then closer will be no issue). You can practice for free at home by dry firing. There are many ways you can do this, I tell people you can even make time during commercials in between your favorite shows. Just put a piece of paper on the wall with a dot and practice your fundamentals, breathing, grip and trigger control. You will notice a drastic improvement in your trigger control and arc of movement after just a few quick sessions. I cannot stress make sure your firearm is UNLOADED and move any live ammunition into a separate room away from where you are dry firing practice. There are many other reasons to continue your training, and there are lots of ways to do it on the cheap. If you can make time and spare the money though try to do some sort  of course every few months.


On to my reviews section as promised. This time I am doing reviews on a firearm and a book. I know it seems weird to be reviewing a book (especially since I do not read often at all) but it is relevant. I will start with the book “One Second After” by William R Forstchen. The synopsis of this book is as follows “This book is an apocalyptic thriller where a small town goes into darkness with no power supply after suffering the aftermath of nuclear bombs and explosions (EMP). This terrifying experience forces people to learn basic survival skills, with no access to phones, airplanes or cars”. This book covers a real life threat that we could face everyday. The one weakness we have is against EMP (electromagnetic pulse). It would effectively shut down everything with any kind of computer chip. Modern vehicles, computers, power grids, everything we rely on to live the lives we live would be gone in an instant. This book has been talked about in congress as an example of why we need to prepare defense against EMP and as an example of how quick and bad things would get. The book is a very realistic look into what would happen to us as a society without the luxuries of power, food deliveries, medication (mentions diabetics who need medicine to live) etc. This is another reason I cannot stress that you need to train and train in very broad amount of scenarios. You do not have to be a doomsday prepper but have a plan. If your family doesn’t have some sort of plan you should make one. It can be as simple as a few week supply of medication, food, water, firearms and ammo or whatever you want to be sure you have access to for a few days. Also let your family know that if X happens we meet at X house or X apartment etc. Have some sort of basic plan, it has been said that major cities would run out of food in 10 days. 10 days is not a lot of time if there are no deliveries coming to them, and you can imagine how crazy things could get if the majority of people who are not prepared run out of food and do not know the skills to fend for themselves (hunting, gathering etc). I highly highly recommend this book, it is scary and definitely an eye opener for many of us who have read it.


Now on to the Smith and Wesson M & P EZ 9mm. Again with this model the whole point of this is to give people who may other wise be unable to use pistols access. The slide is super easy to rack, I mean as in you can take 1 finger and push back the slide. This is fantastic for people with arthritis, maybe smaller stature men and women or just anyone who has trouble with traditional semi-automatic pistols. The magazines are also easy to load as they come with a push button that assist in loading (saves your thumbs tremendously if you are at the range for a few hours). This line of pistols is just amazing, the 380 version was my fiancees first pistol. Since she was able to manipulate the slide and learn from it, she is now more comfortable with every other pistol and has improved her abilities 100x since she bought it. I do believe this model will be even more popular than the prior being that it is in the more popular 9mm cartridge. .380s get a bad rap about being unreliable, not enough penetration etc. Almost nobody has anything bad to say about 9mm, it  has cheaper ammo, more effective, proven and reliable and the list goes on. These will probably be hard to come by at first and seems the MSRP is $479 (that is S & W price so more than likely FFL’s will have it significantly cheaper around the $425-450ish area). I highly recommend anyone who may want a “beginners pistol” so to speak, or for anyone who is having trouble manipulating the slide, or just as another possible carry or home protection firearm. These are very good shooting, good feeling pistols and I foresee one of these replacing my fiancee’s .380 version very soon.


Thank you guys and girls for sitting through another blog of mine. I tried to make this one a little longer and pack as much information in as I can to make up for the gap. As always I appreciate each and everyone one of you. Stay vigilante, keep your head on a swivel and lets keep getting more motivated. If you need anything as always feel free to call, message, or email me anytime. I will help you out anyway possible and if I cannot I will help find someone who will. I will be sure to mention this more as the day gets closer but the VCDL is hosting a Lobby Day Rally. It is Monday Jan 20, 2020 in Richmond VA at the steps of the Capitol building from 8AM – 1PM EST. There will be speakers, carpools, buses and more so getting there is no excuse (they are pulling out all the stops to supply travel arrangements). They are expecting a HUGE turnout (pushing for 20-50k patriots) so if you can I highly urge you to show up



Hello everyone and thank you for reading my weekly blog. Today I have a few things on the table we will talk about. These include 2nd Amendment sanctuary counties, Red Flag laws and how they would effect veterans, and the Smith and Wesson .380 EZ.


So most people are familiar with the “Sanctuary cities” that are open for illegal immigrants. Essentially they say the police will not enforce the laws regarding illegal immigrants. So some folks in Illinois took this concept and applied it to our 2nd Amendment. They were tired of Illinois punishing most of the state because of what happens in Chicago. They worked with lawmakers and proposed a bill, which the sheriffs signed off on and said they will not enforce any laws that are unconstitutional towards our 2nd Amendment. Effingham County was the first ones to apply this concept to 2nd Amendment. Since then 66 of the 102 counties in Illinois have adopted similar measures (so much for Chicago knowing what’s best for the entire state). This has spread to many counties in other states including: TN, TX, 38/64 counties in CO, ME, MD,NV,NM,NY, NC, OR, RI, VA & WA. A lot of people have grown tired of the states they live in passing anti-gun laws without asking what the people want. This may be just a symbolic measure for now but it should really show the anti-gunners just how wrong they are. Especially in places like CO and IL where so many have jumped on board.


Second Amendment sanctuary refers to resolutions adopted by some jurisdictions in the United States to not expend resources to enforce certain gun control measures perceived as violative of the Second Amendment. The resolutions oppose emergency protection orders, enforcement of gun background checks, and red flag laws that permit police or family members to petition a state court to order the temporary removal of firearms from a person.[1]


This topic here hits close to home being a disable Veteran myself. We have all heard of red flag laws and if you haven’t I will explain here. So Red Flag laws basically say that if you know someone (co-worker, friend, family member etc) and you “think” they are a threat to themselves or others. You can call the police and they will go immediately without due process or evidence and remove the firearms from the premise. (this has caused deaths already due to police busting doors down in MD at 5AM and a shootout occurs because the innocent civilian inside has no idea what is going on and most of us will grab a gun if  someone is kicking our door in at 5AM or in general regardless of time). Red Flag laws do nothing to help actually mentally ill people as all it requires is that the firearms are removed and the person is left alone (no mandatory help, left with knives, vehicles, etc etc). The person then has to go court and pay money for lawyers etc to PROVE INNOCENCE not the way it is supposed to be “innocent until proven guilty”.


Now with that out of the way, the reason for this topic today is how it will effect Veterans specifically. I will post a pic from an article that was written on the other day. Essentially what it comes down to is, what if a Veteran has PTSD but functions just fine. Would the new red flag law take away 2nd Amendment rights? Also where would they draw the line? If a Veteran is on anti-depressants, anxiety meds etc is that too much to now own a firearm? Also as the picture below states “The VA considers veterans who cannot manage their VA benefits and need another person to help with their finances as “mentally incompetent.” The agency reports the names of those veterans to the FBI”   So at what point will they say enough is enough. Also in the picture below they mention how if a Veteran thinks that his 2nd Amendment right will be stripped away, they are less likely to reach out and get help if they do need it. It could be as simple as having a bad day or remembering a lost loved one that they served with but now they flag him and next time he goes to buy a firearm they say sorry you are mentally unstable etc etc. This is a very serious thing, not just for Vets but for everyone.


So for my how item of the week, this one has been around about a year now but still super popular and worth a mention. So the .380 EZ may seem like just any M and P series same ol same ol. Where this bad boy shines is literally in the name EZ, they made this pistol for older folks, women, people who may have trouble racking the slide on most modern semi-automatic pistols etc. The magazines come with a load assist button which you simply push down with your thumb and makes loading the next round a breeze. Also the slide was setup to where you can barely grab it with 2 fingers and rack all the way back. They spent a lot of time and effort designing this to be a pistol anyone can use. The backstrap safety is an added nice feature as well. My fiancée owns one and we shoot it all the time, it is very accurate. The recoil is non existent being that it is a slightly larger frame than a typical .380. I have no complaints about this pistol and would recommend it to just about anyone. The rail is a standard picatinny style so most lights and lasers will fit. We have had minimal issues within the break in period, a few failure to lock backs and 1 or 2 failure to ejects. Once we broke it in with a few hundred shots it has ran flawlessly. If you find yourself having trouble manipulating the slide on your current pistol, or you have someone who is not as strong as they used to be. Keep this pistol in mind, they are relatively cheap (around $400 for base model give or take a few $) they have models with built in Crimson Trace laser (red or green) and they have a new model just released with ported slide, upgraded sites, diff color options etc.


Thanks again guys if you made it all the way through my blog again. I appreciate everyone that follows my page and supports what I do. I would not be here without the support of my friends, family, students, customers and all around 2A supporters. I will be live streaming the 2A Rally next weekend as well as recording speakers to put on the site. If you cannot make it but are interested in what they are saying stay tuned and I will let everyone know when the feed is about to start. Because of the Rally and having to travel out of town for the weekend there may not be a Blog until Sunday next week. ( I am sure it will be all about the rally). As always if I can do anything for anyone just let me know, and if you want to see something different or have suggestions just email, call or comment on Facebook



On this Blog today I will be talking about training you can do without having to pay for a trainer (although a good option, not everyone has unlimited funds). Also things you will be able to do in your house not at a range. There are numerous products and ways to practice alone and at home I am only going to cover one that is relatively newer and really groundbreaking. Dry firing is an amazing way to practice at home, simply put a piece of paper with a dot on it and tape to the wall. Now during commercial breaks or whenever you have the time (once you make sure it is UNLOADED) practice your fundamentals while aiming at the dot. Work on reducing your arc of movement, your breathing and then pull the trigger. From there you should see how much your hand / pistol moved and if you are jerking the pistol as well. That is a free easy way to practice and very basic. The product I am going to cover is a more advanced way to work on fundamentals and will tell you exactly what you are doing.


So the product is the Mantis X attachment and the website is and cost ranges from $149-249 depending on the model. What this bad boy is (and it is way more technical than how I am going to explain) is an attachment that hooks to any standard accessory rail. It is a laser that connects to your smart phone. When you do dry fire exercises or live fire (these work with either which is great because you can practice at home or at the range) it will tell you based on how much the laser moves and where it moves what you did wrong. So you hookup your smartphone and install the laser. Go to the range and shoot 10 shots. You then pull up your smartphone APP and it will show your target and where you hit. Based off the movement, it will tell you suggestions to correct it ie: you jerked to left before the shot, or you are anticipating recoil etc. It is a very precise way to figure out what is going on with your shooting while giving you suggestions on how to correct.


Also if you want to work on training but do not have a place you can easily go shoot your actual firearms. You can consider Air Pistols / Rifles which offer great alternative to going to the range etc. Most people can setup a range in the backyard or some water bottles etc to shoot BBs or Pellets. The 2 I am going to showcase today are very close replicas of the real firearm version and will give very good practice. You can work on all your fundamentals while being able to shoot in a lot more places you normally wouldn’t. Air pistols and rifles are obviously way quieter, little to no recoil (so you can train kids easily) and are often way cheaper than actual firearms. Sig Sauer makes 2 that are very good options, the first is the P365 BB gun. It is CO2 powered so cheap to operate and is the same size as the 9mm version so you can practice drawing from holsters and work on your fundamentals. The link to that is . These run about $99, so pretty cheap good pistol to pick up for practicing (they offer other full size models but the 365 is a good CCW pistol for practice). The other one I want to talk about is brand new and a little bit more powerful. It is the MCX Virtus PCP air rifle that uses 22 caliber pellets. This can be used for varmint hunting due to the power this bad boy has. It uses a PCP (precharged pneumatic tank) and can go 700 FPS. This would be great practice for AR-15 style training. If you just wanted to get familiar with how AR-15s work or wanted to practice shooting one without the recoil this would be the way to go. The link to this one is these run $300-350 depending on the site.


So now you have a few free / cheap methods to train at home with what you already have. Also you can go the air pistol / rifle route if you want more options. Shooting is a perishable skill and everyone needs to continue training. Even if it is just going to the range once a month and shooting to make sure you stay sharp. In a perfect world everyone would take a class or two every year at least because there is a wealth of knowledge out there and a lot of really good stuff that can save your life. (I will try to write blogs in future with some free or cheap training tips because I know not everyone can afford classes all the time). Remember once you have a CCW or a firearm for home defense, anything that happens while you have that firearm is ultimately your responsibility. The more training you have and can recognize situations and to make sure you have the best odds at hitting the correct target the better off you are.


I appreciate anyone who read through this and as always if there is anything I can do to help you feel free to let me know. I will do what I can to help anyone out that needs it. Join a 2nd amendment advocacy group, support your local and state firearms groups. Have a nice rest of the weekend everyone and thank you for all your support.



This blog will be slightly different than before, due to the dire nature of this topic. This weeks will focus on Virginia and the anti 2nd amendment attack that is going on. A Call to Action so to speak for us who value our rights.


Since most people who will read this live in the Virginia / West Virginia area this will impact you. Even if you do not live in the area this is very serious stuff and IS coming to a state near you if not already. It is no secret that the gun control / anti 2nd amendment groups have infinite amounts of money to throw against us. With election time right around the corner they are starting to ramp up the efforts against us. Virginia is one of the key places they are after. It is typically seen as a very pro 2A state and houses the NRA among other gun rights groups. People on the other side see VA as a key point to take, if they can turn it into California even with all the lobbyist and groups we have here fighting than they can do it anywhere. We have to fight back and not allow this to happen. The only way for this is to keep people in office that will vote the way we need. I will post some examples of what is going on and what is at stake below. 

National Gun Ban Group Drops $300,000 on Misleading Ad to Influence Virginia Election

Dave Workman lays out the details at  Workman points out that the ad uses a common tactic of the gun ban lobby - combining suicides with homicides to get to the "Guns kill more than 1,000 Virginians every year" number. The breakdown Workman provided is below:

According to the FBI data, last year saw 391 murders, of which 297 involved firearms. Handguns are linked to 141 of those slayings, rifles accounted for eight and shotguns were used in five more. There were 143 murders in which the firearm was not identified. That’s down from the 453 murders reported by the FBI in 2017. Of those, 338 involved firearms, with 156 committed with handguns, and 11 each with rifles or shotguns. There were 160 slayings in which the firearm was “unknown.”

The gun ban lobby has coined a new term  - "gun reform" - when pushing their agenda.  The only thing their proposals equal is an infringement of the rights of Virginia's law abiding gun owners.  If we don't show up at the polls in November, they will pass every proposal they have been pushing for the last 20 years, and Governor Northam will sign them.

Last Wednesday, former Governor Terry McAuliffe made the Democrats' real agenda known. At a fundraiser for Democrat Senate Candidate Joe Morrissey, McAuliffe was quoted saying:

“We’re going to win this, and guess what. We're going to get gun restrictions overnight, we are going to make Virginia a new state.”

We've been saying this for the last two years!  Now, Terry McAuliffe, in Robert Francis "Beto" O'Rourke style, made it known exactly what is in store for Virginia gun owners if we lose the pro-rights majority in both houses of the Virginia General Assembly.  McAuliffe's words should be a rallying cry for  Virginia gun owners to use the next month to do all we can to support the legislators that support our rights.

Here are several House Districts that need your help.

House District 30 - Delegate Nick Freitas - To vote for Delegate Freitas, you will need to ask for a write-in ballot.  Through some snafu, his name was not included on the ballot and we need him in the House of Delegates.

House District 66 - Delegate Kirk Cox - House Speaker Kirk Cox's district was redrawn by the federal court and the U.S. Supreme Court found that the House of Delegates did not have standing to challenge a lower court's ruling that several districts had been racially gerrymandered.  As you will see in the link, the redrawn district leans Democratic.  The gun ban lobby has targeted Delegate Cox, comparing him to U.S. Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell for blocking their gun control agenda.  Delegate Cox needs your help.

House District 40 - Delegate Tim Hugo - Delegate Hugo is likely the most endangered member of the House of Delegates.  He is the only Republican member in the General Assembly from Northern Virginia (Fairfax).  Delegate Hugo has been a strong supporter of our right to keep and bear arms.  He needs gun owners to turn out strong in his district.

In addition to the three above, below are additional members that need your help to win on election day and protect our rights:

Del. Chris Jones, HD 76 (This is another district that was redrawn by the courts to favor Democrats)
Sen. Amanda Chase, SD 11
Sen. Siobhan Dunnavant, SD 12
Del. Glenn Davis, HD 84
Del. Chris Stolle, HD 83
Sen. Bill DeSteph, SD 8
Sen. Bryce Reeves, SD 17 (Senator Reeves is a VSSA Member)
Del. Roxann Robinson, HD 27
Del. Rob Bloxom, HD 100
Del. Barry Knight, HD 81
Del. David Yancey, HD 94
Sen. Glen Sturtevant, SD 10
Jen Kiggans, SD 7 (This is an open seat vacated when Senator Frank Wagner took a job in the Northam Administration

As you can see VA is only a few votes away from going the complete opposite way and turning into California. I for one love that my rights are honored in the beautiful state of VA but if people do not show up and vote and write senators etc this will be a thing of the past. Also once your rights are taken away , it takes way more time and money to get them back and is less likely to be reverted which is why we have to fight so hard. Just so you understand how important this really is, last year there were 70 anti gun bills that were brought up and only 1 passed. If the election doesn’t go the way it needs to and only a handful of seats switch, it could easily have been all 70 passed next time. So do not assume because VA is usually gun friendly, or it is the home of the NRA etc etc that you are safe. No state is safe right now which is again why it is so important we vote, write senators, go to rallies (Nov 2nd in D.C more info on my Facebook page) and do what we can. This is something ALL gun owners and people who value our rights needs to be involved with.


About the 2nd Amendment Rally

We the People of the United States, in Order to form a more perfect Union, establish Justice, insure domestic Tranquility, provide for the common defence, promote the general Welfare, and secure the Blessings of Liberty to ourselves and our Posterity, do ordain and establish this Constitution for the United States of America.

Rally for Your Rights!
Attend The 2nd Amendment Rally: November 2, 2019, on the Capitol Lawn in Washington D.C.

If you value your constitutional right to bear arms, the right to defend yourself, and if you value the lives of the men and women who have died to keep those rights intact, now is the time to take a stand. Join us in Washington, DC on November 2nd 2019 and let your voice be heard.

We are at a critical time in our nation’s history, and right now, the country needs the Gun Lobby more than ever.

You Are the Gun Lobby!

The Second Amendment Rally is a grassroots event, organized and funded by grassroots activists, open to all supporters of the Constitution and lovers of liberty.

Current Announced Speakers (Many more to be announced!)

Eric Blandford (IV8888)
Craig Deluz (FPC)
Dianna Muller (DC Project)
Jonathan Patton (TGC)
Mike Sodini (WTTA)
Chris Cheng (Topshot)
Joshua Prince (Lawyer)
Erich Pratt (GOA)
Kevin Dixie (NOC)

You may phone the U.S. Capitol Switchboard at (202) 224-3121. A switchboard operator will connect you directly with the Senate office you request.

Happy Friday everyone, it is that time again BLOG day. So I am going to try and keep the same format roughly I used last week. I will introduce a new hot firearm that people are going nuts for. Also will talk about something firearm / training related. I have some pretty important things to talk about this week involving training and permits.


So first thing first in the hot firearms department we have the Springfield Armory Hellcat. The Hellcat is basically Springfield Armory’s take on the Sig P365 (it was such a HUGE hit that every company has been trying to get a piece of the market). The big difference in the two besides the brand is that the Hellcat is 13 rounds where as the Sig 365 is 12 rounds.  They made it to where it can fit a red dot sight very easily (they have an optics ready version with the slide cut out) I will do a Blog about those in the future because they are becoming hot items. It does come with a standard rail (no proprietary non-sense which is nice so universal items will fit). Also comes standard with the Glock style trigger safety that has to be depressed in order to fire. I will post more information and pictures at the bottom of the blog if you are curious about this pistol. Looks like the pricing on this will be running $500-600 somewhere in that market (could be a few $ up or down since it has literally just released this week).


Now onto the topic of conceal carry permits and why you should get one in a constitutional carry state like WV for instance. I get asked this all the time and the answer can vary person to person but these things primarily will always stay. #1 You have to take some kind of training class (as basic as it may be) you will have an understanding of safety and the mechanics of how everything functions. Not too mention a live fire qualification that will instill some confidence and lets you know what areas you need to improve upon. (can never ever have enough training and one class is never enough). #2 Reciprocity, which basically means you can carry in all those other states(WV is 39 states). As of now there are 15 or so constitutional carry states out there which is amazing but that isn’t even half yet. So if you want to go on vacation and drive a couple states away, if you have a permit and the state honors your state then no worries. Simply print out the laws of any state you are driving through and long as you follow them you can carry just like you would at home. This also applies to flying to another state (I will do another blog on traveling with firearms soon) but you can bring your firearm and have it shipped on the plane with you to wherever you are heading if they honor your CCW permit from your state, and carry when you get there. These are things you cannot do if the states you are traveling through or to are not constitutional carry states. #3 This is just an addon to the previous one but depending on elections etc you are more likely to lose the ability to carry without a permit than with one (since training, money etc is involved in the permit process). #4 Purchasing a firearm from an FFL. So in some states (WV can do this) you can use your CCW permit as your NICS background check (since there was an extensive background check done for your permit) and speed up your buying process. The NICS check depending on the day and the servers can take 10min up to 3 days depending on a whole lot of factors. So next time you buy a pistol from your favorite gun shop ( a caliber above wink wink) and have your permit with you, it will speed everything up. #5 This one doesn’t really have to do with firearms or anything but it is a state issued ID and has a picture. This can come in handy for certain situations, applying for loans, or cars, or what have you if you need 2 picture ID’s you can simply use your state ID and your permit to verify who you are. Kind of handy to have, I have used mine actually a few times for this purpose.


The last topic for today will be training and what to look for and watch out for. So this topic I want to help educate people on what to look for in a firearms instructor / teacher and what to watch out for. The internet has created such a wonderful place with infinite amounts of knowledge at our fingertips. With that though comes the guys who want to be on YouTube etc and have no business teaching anyone. So how do you know what to look for and watch out for. Well here are some things you can do. The first thing you want to do when considering training is ask questions. You can tell a ton about what someone knows when you just ask some basic questions. A lot of my students come from other gun shops / training locations. They simply make a phone call and get told information that is completely wrong and they call around some more until they get someone who sounds like they know the answer. One way to tell if the information is wrong is simple, if it is a question like for instance “how many states have reciprocity with WV permit”. You can google that one pretty easily and find an answer and then double check with another site.  One thing a good instructor should do is provide students with examples or sources. Anytime I tell someone this state has reciprocity with so and so state I will point them in the direction of a reputable site that has all the information I am telling them, so they can confirm for themselves. Also just because so and so instructor happens to be a Veteran or NRA certified, that does not mean they know what they are talking about. Trust me when I say (being both a Veteran and NRA certified) that some people unfortunately squeak through the cracks in training. If you are unsure if the person knows what they are talking about again ask questions. This time you can simply say “what did you do in the military” (me for instance I was supply and worked the armory, I was around firearms everyday I was in) (some folks worked in offices etc may have never touched their duty weapon except for drills or cleaning). When it comes to certification you can simply ask “how long have you been a insert whatever certification, NRA, Etc. ” When it comes to reading things online you have to just be careful and double check your answers. Youtube videos, usually you can tell in the comments because people will most definitely let them know they are not John Wick or Rambo etc and call them out. The best thing to do in general is talk to an instructor whether over the phone or in person. If you figure out they want what is in your best interest then they can more than likely steer you in the right direction.  The point here is just be careful, find instructors with good reviews that genuinely want to help you. We do not make a killing doing this and most do want to teach you correctly. It can be hard to tell the good ones vs the bad ones especially if you are newer to firearms and training. Don’t just settle for any training, even if you do not train with me I will help you any way I can to find training. Shooting is a perishable skill and we have to keep up on it and instill the safety aspect over and over.


As always I thank everyone and if there are any changes in this you would like to see just email me or Message me on or call 304-496-9356 and I will listen. Also if you need help with training or a particular class you would love to see me teach I will do what I can even if I do not offer it I will find someone who can help you (that is a good trainer).


No trainer will know everything about everything firearms (it is impossible). I am simply saying ask questions and get a feel for them. 


Well this is my first attempt at a “blog” so please be kind. I am going to do this weekly and in these blogs I will cover a few things. I want to include a hot item (whether it is a firearm, optic or knife etc), something neat or interesting that I come across. Also something that involves our rights (rallies, laws being pushed etc). So with that said here goes nothing and if you are reading this I thank you ahead of time.


Hot Item to be on the lookout for (this will be sold out quickly just like the original was). This item is the Sig Sauer P365SAS. This particular pistol is near and dear to my heart as someone who has been carrying the original 365 for over a year. I will post the features etc below but if you do not know about the 365 it was a GAME CHANGER in the conceal carry pistols last year. They completely designed the pistol from the magazine up, it has the highest capacity (12 rounds) magazine in the smallest frame. The magazine has 3 or 4 patents if I remember correctly and that is where they started. When it released it was sold out for months and impossible to get ahold of. It also created a huge market for compact pistols with 10-12 round magazines and now we have a plethora of brands with their own versions. The 365SAS is the same size and caliber etc but they went above and beyond. They made it snag free, pretty much a bald smooth version of the original. Ported slide and barrel for reduced recoil and then the cherry on top which is the new flush mounted FT bullseye fiber-tritium night sight. This thing is insane, it is actually built into the slide and is essentially a red dot sight of sorts (is the best way to look at it). From all the people who have shot it so far on YouTube and gun forums they say the target acquisition is insane. You just pull it out and line up the green dot and it hits where its supposed to everytime. I personally have 3500+ rounds through my original 365 with 0 malfunctions so far. I for one cannot wait to get my hands on one and put it through the ringer. Looks like the pricing on it will be just shy of $600 (give or take a few $ I am going off of what the distributors have up as of now but it has not released to FFL’s or public officially yet so may change). It is rumored to be released in December but I am nobody special so I could be wrong haha. I will do my best to get some in the shop when they release because I know they will be sought after. If this is something that interest you just let me know.


Something I ran across that is really dear to my heart is 2AF Gaming on Facebook. Most do not know but I am a huge avid gamer and have been since a child. Most of my house is filled with retro video game consoles and multiple gaming computers etc. So, whenever there is a young person involved in a mass shooting etc they always blame video games. The video game industry points the finger at the gun industry and the politicians etc point at “violent” video games. So what 2AF Gaming is, is a pro gamer (who is also involved with the 2nd amendment foundation) who is trying to bridge the gap between the industries. He is like myself and involved around both things. After asking around and talking to other fellow gamers he realized a lot of people liked firearms but also there were those who thought they were evil. So he is using Facebook to stream live feeds of him gaming and do fundraisers for 2nd amendment foundation and other advocacy groups while talking about firearms and safety. It is a place for gamers to come together and ask questions, talk about things they may have not known or have seen on the internet that were lies or what have you. I think this idea is great because there is a TON of bad information out there and neither industry wants to be blamed when something horrible happens. So if you are a gamer and want to get involved his Facebook is If you are a gamer and do not want to watch someone else play, bring it up with your friends sometime. Find out what stance they have on firearms and if they have any questions ( if you cannot answer or help them send them my way or to Gottlieb). We have to educate people more now than ever. Anytime we can help educate folks and tell them the truth about firearms we need to do it. If you are not a gamer I apologize if this portion was boring for you.


One last thing I touched on today on Facebook was calling our politicians and the White House. We need to call and tell them that we do not want Red Flag laws or Extended background checks. I will go into more detail on another post as to why these are bad things (some people think they sound good but in reality they are very bad). Even if you do not know your politicians the number I will put below you can simply call and say I am a resident of “wv, va etc” and they will patch you through to who you need. Simply say “ I am a voter and oppose any anti 2nd amendment laws, including red flag, extended background checks, AR 15 bans, and “high capacity” magazine bans. If you vote for any of these you will lose my vote to another candidate.” It is that simple, and once enough people call in and they get see 1000 check marks next to “oppose gun laws” that equates to votes for them and they will start to listen.

Thank you if you managed to make it through my first blog entry. If there are any improvements I can make feel free to email me or message me on Facebook. I will do what I can to make things better for everyone. Thanks again, I appreciate everyone’s support and patronage.


White House # 202-456-1111

Senate Switchboard # 202-224-3121


The P365SAS was designed for the serious CCW user who truly understands the value of smoother draws, faster sight acquisition, and more effective engagements at realistic distances.  This pistol does just that by taking the concept of the SIG Anti Snag (SAS) treatment to a whole new level.  With the incorporation of the FT Bullseye sight embedded into the slide, the P365SAS does away with the need of a primary snag hazard of all pistols…the front sight.  With the assistance of fiber optics during the day and tritium in low light, the user can now obtain a crystal clear high-visibility bullseye sight picture at real-word engagement distances faster than ever before.  The ported barrel and slide results in up to 30% less muzzle flip and zero front sight fouling, since there isn’t one.  The flush slide catch and takedown levers ensure absolute smoothness and zero snag risk.  After shooting the P365SAS, sights will never look the same.